Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Remodeling and other stuff...

Plumbers are gone, but will be back.  Next up is an electrician.  To finish the laundry move and to add a new 50 amp circuit in the garage for my new electric brewery.  The breaker panel is also being replaced as it is very old, obsolete and has design flaws.

The plumbers will be back to run a gas line for the new range as I was 99 percent sure there was gas ran to where the range is, but I was wrong.  Stupid tract home builders in the 70's.  Why have gas heat, waterheater and dryer connections but no gas range connection?  Well whatever, it is going to be done so that the gas range can be delivered and installed.

That should do it for now for contractors.  I will be able to build my electric brewery and will have a nice range to cook on.  I will be taking some pictures soon to document all of these builds...

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