Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Remodeling and other stuff...

Plumbers are gone, but will be back.  Next up is an electrician.  To finish the laundry move and to add a new 50 amp circuit in the garage for my new electric brewery.  The breaker panel is also being replaced as it is very old, obsolete and has design flaws.

The plumbers will be back to run a gas line for the new range as I was 99 percent sure there was gas ran to where the range is, but I was wrong.  Stupid tract home builders in the 70's.  Why have gas heat, waterheater and dryer connections but no gas range connection?  Well whatever, it is going to be done so that the gas range can be delivered and installed.

That should do it for now for contractors.  I will be able to build my electric brewery and will have a nice range to cook on.  I will be taking some pictures soon to document all of these builds...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wow, it's been a year or so give or take a few days since my last blog.  Guess I should do this more often...

So lots of stuff.  I got engaged to my incredibly awesome girlfriend.  We were in San Francisco, having a wonderful time and I realized that we were right around the corner from Farallon.  I felt bad cause I went there wearing khakis and a polo shirt.  BEST DINNER EVER!  I mean of course cause I popped the question and she said yes, but really, it was the best meal I've ever had.  That is saying a lot cause the lunch we had in Napa was fucking insane as well, bone marrow, classic French stuff (yea, I picked it) so good.  Muir Wood Park is cool as hell too.  It is amazing to be around all those trees that are easily 1000 years old.

So anyways, if you are in San Francisco, go to Farallon.

Seriously.  It is THAT GOOD.


We were going to move to Alvin, decided not to.  Decided to upgrade our house instead.  Plumbers have been here all week.  Kitties are stressed.  All the galvanized pipes have been replaced with PEX.  We now have an on demand water heater, a full house filter, relocated laundry, gas fireplace and some other stuff.  Remodeling is continuing, range has been ordered, Viking dishwasher is on the way, some more power tools are in the near future, and more kitchen stuff is about to happen.

I'll have to take some pictures soon.


Go to Farallon... and  Russian River, we went there too, but really Farallon...