Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anthony Bourdain, you are dead to me

Last night, my incredibly awesome girlfriend took me to see a hero of mine, Anthony Bourdain.  I have pretty much watched every show he has ever done, read his books, seen him as a guest on Top Chef, etc...

His first 5-10 minutes were blasting on Guy Fieri.  Granted I agreed with most of it because Guy is a tool.  Really though he was saying the same stuff he used to say about Emeril Lagasse back in the day.

He went on to talk about how his life has changed because of his daughter.

He was railing about some other stuff after that.

Then he pissed me off.

He started talking about how craft beer is stupid.  Hipster.

Granted Tony hates hipsters.  I pretty much do as well.  Unfortunately hipsters are associated with craft beer.

Tony said beer is meant to be a cold beverage that has alcohol in it, not some hipster driven stuff where people say "Can you tell the hop profile in this?"

Beer is meant to be a cold beverage.

Really Tony?  REALLY?  Be glad the "Q/A" session was staged for you to rage on shit you have said on your show before.

Had I gotten my hands on a microphone, here is what I would have asked

"Tony, you say beer is hipster and just a beverage to be consumed cold, then why do you showcase vineyards and care about the wine?  Would not Carlo Rossi or even MD 20/20 work?  I have seen you almost break your ankle on a show turning your motorcycle around to rail on how a Chili's is the downfall of the American restaurant, corporate swill turning eaters away from adventure from Chef driven restaurants.  How then can you say that one of the most innovative and creative industries in America (craft beer) is just about getting people drunk and not about brewmasters creating unique flavors?

I get it, you just want Miller Light when you are on tour, that is fine, but why denigrate hard working brewers?  They work just as hard as Chefs and Vintners.  Hell, probably harder as they are exploring new frontiers.

You lost a fan today Anthony Bourdain.


I'll name a beer after you...


Heh, seems I already had one with that name for FU Anheiser Busch, it fits...

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