Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Grand Reveal/Opening

Tonight we did the Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting for the brewery.  It was pretty cool.  I'll post a picture when I get it, I was on the back side of the ribbon.  The scissors kinda scared me, they were like 3 feet long, and sharp as hell.

Anyways, I got great feedback on the beer, everyone loved the Hefeweizen, and a local microbrewery actually asked me for advice on filling their pilot brew kegs.  Makes sense though, their big system dwarfs my production system, their pilot system is probably bigger than my system, it is all good though they are good people, and I do not mind helping.  One of the really cool things about small breweries, we help each other out.  We are actually hosting their release tap takover.

Really, we have sold like 5 kegs of my beer, and I'm already looking at what it takes to self distribute.  It is moving that fast...  WOW

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