Monday, February 2, 2015

Cold Day!

Whew!  Cold front blew through this morning... Warmed up a bit this afternoon, so what else to do but smoke pork and brew beer!

Baby back pork ribs were on sale at Fresh Market yesterday and I bought a whole 10 lb packer pack.  It was 3 racks, so I fired up the Weber and threw them on at 2.

I had bought several home brew kits a couple of months ago from Northern Brewer in anticipation of my BrewPi fermentation chamber being ready for 5 gallon batches.  It had worked great for my 1 gallon test batches in the dorm fridge, but when I rewired it to use in the freezer, it quit working.  I spent a month rewiring it over and over, changing the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, the temperature probes, the circuit board everything.  It still would not work.  So I put it away because I was frustrated.  It was too cold in the garage for my simple fermentation controller to work, so I did not brew.  Last week I decided to pull the BrewPi back out and figure it out.  I finally checked the 10 cent resistor that makes the temperature probes work, and it was wrong!  The whole batch I had bought at Fry's was mislabeled, so even when I started over, it was still wrong.  After a quick trip to Radio Shack (and making sure the color codes were right before I checked out!) it was working like it was supposed to.

I would have brewed yesterday, but I moved my other freezer from my house to my girlfriend's house and had to use the fermenter to hold the stuff.  So yesterday I moved everything back to the original freezer and today I brewed!

Queen Mac's Royal Scotch Ale is now in the fermenter, and the BrewPi is working like it is supposed to.

The baby backs came out great too!

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  1. The ribs were very tasty and I am looking forward to tasting the scotch ale. Glad to see you are blogging again. :) The Girlfriend