Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Member of the Household

I have been adopted by a cat.  Best I can tell she has been living under my house for a week or so, ever since the rain on Monday, which probably drove her out.  It has also been very (for Pearland) cold.  She was in my laundry room last night, cold and hungry.  After a can of tuna, she settled down and slept on the fuzzy blanket that my awesome girlfriend brought over.  This morning I took her to the vet and had her checked out, and she is in good health, just underfed.  So I got some food, litter box and other kitty toys and settled her back at home to watch some football.  She ate again, and seems to be settling in nicely.  I will get her set up for spaying and regular shots and checkups, probably with the same vet my girlfriends cat goes to.  She is a very sweet cat.  Always looking for attention, not all snobby like most cats.  I named her Mac.

My fridge went out last weekend.  Luckily, there was an extra one at work that was going to be scrapped, so I was able to have that one.  Now I need to get the home warranty company out to fix the big one, and then the smaller one can become a dedicated salumi fridge.  That will be cool.

I ordered some seeds and a seed starting kit.  I will be getting a dump truck of dirt in the next couple of weeks to make some raised garden beds in my side lot.  I am going to use the wood that used to be my back stair to construct the beds, then put the dirt and soon to happen seedlings in.  I will have several types of heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, chard, lettuce, yellow wax beans, peppers and probably beets.  I still need to get pepper and beet seeds, or just get some seedlings from Home Depot.  I just forgot to order those seeds.

I am really excited and happy with what I am working on around the house, as well as how work is going.  Life is very good right now.  I will post pictures and keep writing about the garden and other projects as they unfold...


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