Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chef Jay's spicy nuts return!

Been awhile since I have made these.  I almost forgot how.  Well not really.  I actually forgot how easy they are to make, and so delicious.  Sometimes the simple things are the most rewarding.

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, I have been very busy with work, and am dealing with some stuff in my life.  It has been difficult, but I have great family, fantastic friends, and the best girlfriend who have all been helping me to deal with it.  

I also made one of my special meat creations for a present.  I do not have any pictures, but I will make another one sometime soon, and document it and share it here.

I did get a Christmas tree.  It is a three foot tall cypress that is alive.  Present from my girlfriend, who said first Chrismas in your new house, you HAVE to have a tree.  Have I mentioned how amazing she is?

I have been researching solar water heating, for both hot water and for radiant heat.  I think that over the spring and summer I will work on building a system for my house.  This will hopefully provide me with heat in the house so I do not need the space heater or the window unit for heat, as well as providing hot water for usage in the house.  This will be a long project, but I believe it will be a good investment in my house long term.  Plus, it will be fun to build and give me something to do on my days off.

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  1. yes! spicy nuts are awesome! I just got mine in the mail. thanks for the awesome gift...truthfully one I was most excited for!

    I appreciate the extra spice this year!

    don't suppose you wanna send me the recipe for those??

    thanks again!