Monday, November 28, 2011

New Host, New Software

Okay, so I am switching hosts for my blog.  I was using Apple's MobileMe, but that service is going away in about 6 months.  Since my domain is requiring renewal, I figure it is time to switch everything over.  I have been thinking about this for over 6 months as I knew the MobileMe hosting was going away, but I was hoping that Apple would change their mind.  Looks like they are not, and really I was looking for a new host anyways as I could only update from my Mac at home.  iWeb is pretty cool, but limited in many ways.  So now I am using Blogger from Google and it is pretty cool.  I can write posts from anywhere, including my iPad using the Blogsy app.  I can also use web terminals or whatever computer that has internet access, so that is pretty cool.

Okay, so my weekend was good.  I made over 100 pounds of sausage and salami on Saturday, and today I pulled about 20 pounds of guancaile out of the cure cooler as well as probably 40 pounds of Spanish Chorizo and 20 pounds of pepperone.  I smoked the 40 pounds of summer sausage, and will cook it on Wednesday.  Two cooks and a dishwasher called in sick tonight, so I stayed until the end of service to help out.  We were not that busy, but it was fun to work on a less insane night and be able to have fun with the Chef's and line cooks.

Sunday was not spent doing projects as originally planned.  It was spent watching football with my awesome girlfriend, and well pretty much that.  She made dinner and it was great, and well, it was very relaxing, especially when we lit a fire cause it was cold outside.  Have I mentioned how awesome she is and how much I love her?


  1. Im begiinning to think you like this new chick in your life, I mean its just a feeling im getting... LOL

  2. You think? I think I've told you how awesome she is :)