Saturday, September 10, 2016

Contractors... ARRRGH!!!!

OK, so I'm so tired of contractors.  Especially contractors that suck.  Mostly these are the contractors that are hired by someone else.  We bought a range from Home Depot.  We paid Home Depot to deliver and install the range.  The installer arrives (contractor).  They say they can not install the range because the gas line we paid to have installed according to Samsung's installation instructions is not correct. The contractor tells me that he has been installing ranges for seven years and he has never seen a gas pipe like the one we had installed.

I want to stress that.  SEVEN YEARS and he has never seen a gas pipe like we have.

We have a 1/2 NPT black iron pipe stub.

He said his install kit has nothing to connect to it.

I argue with him on the phone, tell him he is wrong.

He doesn't care.

I get home and what do I find?

The install kit they left here has everything needed to connect to the gas line we had installed, EXCEPT for the thread sealer.

I pick up the stub out pipe that the "installer" unscrewed from the wall and thread it into the adaptor from the kit they left.  I say "Are you fucking kidding me?"  

The "installer" had done the same thing and had said "I can't make the seal work, these kits won't seal that.

The back of the install kit lists thread sealer for NPT to the flexible pipe.  Like I fucking told the guy over the phone, and he said in 7 years he had never seen.

So I go to Home Depot and get some natural gas safe thread sealant.  I install the gas hose and now here we go...

I do not know why companies do not care about stuff like this any more.  I know I will never buy an appliance from Home Depot any more, and I will tell everyone I know not to either.  It's like that Sears commercial "Can anyone help us?"  I know when I call Home Depot on Monday to get a refund on the "install" I will probably get it no question, but will that make them change their contractor?  No probably not.  Hell, the "installer" handed my fiance the tip over protector and said "you need to have this installed."


Douchebag is lucky I wasn't home for the delivery/"install"

The stove itself is badass, and I see cooking many excellent meals.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Remodeling and other stuff...

Plumbers are gone, but will be back.  Next up is an electrician.  To finish the laundry move and to add a new 50 amp circuit in the garage for my new electric brewery.  The breaker panel is also being replaced as it is very old, obsolete and has design flaws.

The plumbers will be back to run a gas line for the new range as I was 99 percent sure there was gas ran to where the range is, but I was wrong.  Stupid tract home builders in the 70's.  Why have gas heat, waterheater and dryer connections but no gas range connection?  Well whatever, it is going to be done so that the gas range can be delivered and installed.

That should do it for now for contractors.  I will be able to build my electric brewery and will have a nice range to cook on.  I will be taking some pictures soon to document all of these builds...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wow, it's been a year or so give or take a few days since my last blog.  Guess I should do this more often...

So lots of stuff.  I got engaged to my incredibly awesome girlfriend.  We were in San Francisco, having a wonderful time and I realized that we were right around the corner from Farallon.  I felt bad cause I went there wearing khakis and a polo shirt.  BEST DINNER EVER!  I mean of course cause I popped the question and she said yes, but really, it was the best meal I've ever had.  That is saying a lot cause the lunch we had in Napa was fucking insane as well, bone marrow, classic French stuff (yea, I picked it) so good.  Muir Wood Park is cool as hell too.  It is amazing to be around all those trees that are easily 1000 years old.

So anyways, if you are in San Francisco, go to Farallon.

Seriously.  It is THAT GOOD.


We were going to move to Alvin, decided not to.  Decided to upgrade our house instead.  Plumbers have been here all week.  Kitties are stressed.  All the galvanized pipes have been replaced with PEX.  We now have an on demand water heater, a full house filter, relocated laundry, gas fireplace and some other stuff.  Remodeling is continuing, range has been ordered, Viking dishwasher is on the way, some more power tools are in the near future, and more kitchen stuff is about to happen.

I'll have to take some pictures soon.


Go to Farallon... and  Russian River, we went there too, but really Farallon...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blichmann Boil Coil alert!!

Ok, if you have a Blichmann Boil Coil and you got it before April 2015, LOOK AT IT NOW!

My system had improperly crimped cables, and was burning up inside the connector.  I caught it before it caused a problem, but it did cause downtime in my brewing pipeline.  I'll be okay, although it does cause me some problems.

Blichmann has taken full responsibility and has sent out replacements under warranty, that is part of why they are a damn awesome company to work with.

I repeat, if you have Blichmann Boil Coil's, look at the power cables!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anthony Bourdain, you are dead to me

Last night, my incredibly awesome girlfriend took me to see a hero of mine, Anthony Bourdain.  I have pretty much watched every show he has ever done, read his books, seen him as a guest on Top Chef, etc...

His first 5-10 minutes were blasting on Guy Fieri.  Granted I agreed with most of it because Guy is a tool.  Really though he was saying the same stuff he used to say about Emeril Lagasse back in the day.

He went on to talk about how his life has changed because of his daughter.

He was railing about some other stuff after that.

Then he pissed me off.

He started talking about how craft beer is stupid.  Hipster.

Granted Tony hates hipsters.  I pretty much do as well.  Unfortunately hipsters are associated with craft beer.

Tony said beer is meant to be a cold beverage that has alcohol in it, not some hipster driven stuff where people say "Can you tell the hop profile in this?"

Beer is meant to be a cold beverage.

Really Tony?  REALLY?  Be glad the "Q/A" session was staged for you to rage on shit you have said on your show before.

Had I gotten my hands on a microphone, here is what I would have asked

"Tony, you say beer is hipster and just a beverage to be consumed cold, then why do you showcase vineyards and care about the wine?  Would not Carlo Rossi or even MD 20/20 work?  I have seen you almost break your ankle on a show turning your motorcycle around to rail on how a Chili's is the downfall of the American restaurant, corporate swill turning eaters away from adventure from Chef driven restaurants.  How then can you say that one of the most innovative and creative industries in America (craft beer) is just about getting people drunk and not about brewmasters creating unique flavors?

I get it, you just want Miller Light when you are on tour, that is fine, but why denigrate hard working brewers?  They work just as hard as Chefs and Vintners.  Hell, probably harder as they are exploring new frontiers.

You lost a fan today Anthony Bourdain.


I'll name a beer after you...


Heh, seems I already had one with that name for FU Anheiser Busch, it fits...

Saturday, July 4, 2015

SUPER busy!

I brewed 2 barrels in the past week, plus had to do Chef stuff.  I'm so tired.

It seems that I have an allergy to neoprene, so my knee is all messed up because I tried to take care of it with a brace.

So be it.

I've made more beer in the past week than I've been legally been able to make at home.  Got to love turning another hobby into a career.

Fireworks are going boom, my cats are freaking out.  Mac has always been skittish about thunder, this is not helping her...

Anywho, sMasH brew next week...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Big week!

Wow, this week has been really busy, but still good.  I brewed 2 times, Shep 'n Johns and the Oud Bruin that will be ready in a year, our Annivesary-Ale.  I also kegged Shep 'n Johns batch number 2.  We sold almost 3 kegs in less than a week, so it is going good!  I am really excited about the reviews on and the feedback I am getting from our guests.  This is a lot of hard work, but it feels good at the end of a long day when I see and hear people like my food and brew.  Would not trade this for anything!